Staying Connected


Continue to Give

Your church home is cutting back hours to the public but still working to provide information, livestreaming worship, and providing ways to keep you, and especially our home bound members, connected with the world in these odd times of "social distancing."

You may still mail your offering into the church or use the online giving platform - go to and once there you may choose to give to either Augustana's or Grace's General Fund.

Connecting With Our Members Who are in Nursing Homes or are Homebound

Our older members who are in nursing homes or members who are homebound for various reasons need to feel connected; they need to keep social interaction while being kept a safe distance from the public.

If you are able and would like to send cards or small care packages to these members, please contact the church office by phone (leave a message) or by email (Augustana: or Grace: and give your contact information to receive a list of folks that will have their day brightened by your outreach. Thank you!

Like Us On Facebook

Keep up to date on Pastor Dan's communications and on livestreaming and recorded worship! Like us on Facebook at: or and stay connected.

Be Sure We Can Connect With You!

If you have not received any information from Augustana by email in the past week or two WE MAY NOT HAVE YOUR CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS. Please update our records...send your email address to so that we can reach out to you!

How Long Until We Are All Back Together?

It's difficult to be apart, especially in this most Holy time of Lent, and possibly into Holy Week and Easter; but the Lord is always with us, and always strong. There is no need for social distancing with the Lord. He always has us wrapped in His arms and in His love. We pray that you stay safe and well. Wash your hands, take a walk and smile.